Tim Doyle Scholarship recipient: Jon Emaus

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Jon Emaus has a law degree from Wayne State University and studied economics and political science at the University of Michigan.

Jon Emaus

Even so, the new Brighton City Council Member and Tim Doyle Scholarship recipient, said that attending the League’s Elected Officials Academy gave him practical information and helped him build a network that will make him a better public official.

From a session on campaign finance, he got a better understanding of Proposal A and the Headlee Amendment, for example. And from information discussions with other attendees, he got to learn about what’s working – and what isn’t – in other communities around the state.

Receiving the scholarship also helped at a time when his community, like so many others, is making tough decisions with limited funds.

“With municipalities facing such budget crunches, things like professional development and education are some of the programs they are cutting,” Emaus said. “Having a scholarship like this is crucial. It’s worth its weight in gold if a community has had to cut these items from their budget.”