Tim Doyle Scholarship Fund

Tim Doyle passed away in early 2008, and as a councilmember in Durand and an Elected Officials Academy (EOA) board member, he was an ardent supporter of elected official’s training.  His wife, Deb Doyle, is a past president of the League, former EOA board member, and current councilmember for the city of Durand.  The EOA board resolved that Tim Doyle be honored through an educational scholarship program.  

Deb Doyle contributed the initial $1,500 to fund the scholarship program.  The focus will be on selecting primarily newly elected officials to attend the core weekender, although veteran officials will not be excluded from consideration.

This scholarship fund will continue in subsequent years, assuming that the necessary funds can be raised.  It is our intent to raise at least $1,500 per year.  If you would like to contribute to the Tim Doyle Scholarship Fund, please click here.

Tim Doyle Scholarship Submission Form