Donor Story: Donations are an investment in good government

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Working as a local leader sometimes means sifting through the clutter, going beyond the loudest voices and learning about all potential options before making a decision.

Carla Gribbs

Carla Gribbs, a DTE Energy regional manager and MML Foundation board member, said she invests in the Foundation because it helps provide the tools that those local officials need.

“I believe in good government and the mission of the Michigan Municipal League – to help improve the individuals who are responsible for good government,” she said. “You can’t do that without continually educating those in the role to make good policy decisions.”

The training and initiatives the Foundation supports help create well-educated, well-rounded leaders who can arrive at good decisions. Decisions, she said, that are healthy for the community in the long term.

Cities, villages and townships often can’t afford to provide that kind of training, Gribbs said.

“It costs a lot of money to bring in resources that help support local leaders,” she said. “Donating to the Foundation is one way individuals can help support their local officials.”

Donors’ support can also afford communities new opportunities.

“I believe communities need to experiment and try new ways of creating quality places for people to live and work,” Gribbs said. “Only through funding new projects and initiatives can communities try new ways of improving quality of life at the local level.”