Donor Story: Confidence and Connections

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Whether it’s catalytic placemaking initiatives or urban chicken coop ordinances, Berkley Mayor Pro Tem Steve Baker says he can always find another local leader who’s dealt with the issue before. He credits these connections and other benefits as reasons why he supports the Foundation with a monthly gift.

Steve Baker

“The Foundation helps the League do awesome things,” Baker said. “It gives us opportunities to exchange information and to learn and grow from one another. If we’re focusing on something we haven’t worked with before, somebody else probably has. Working with the League gives us the confidence and connections to reach out and to ask.”

These connections – and the knowledge they bring – help communities around the state, he added.

“It benefits the residents in our community because folks like us have the information we need to do our jobs well,” Baker said. “Like the shoulders of giants, it gives us a solid foundation for action.”

He encourages others to donate to the Foundation, saying the programs it supports help make Michigan better.

“Why do I give? First, because of the value that my community and I have received through Foundation-funded programs and materials. Second, because of the value that my colleagues and I have received through Foundation-funded education and access to experts. Third, because of how the Foundation supports the League itself. A vibrant and relevant League is crucial to the success and growth of our state.”