Tim Doyle Scholarship recipient: Erik Dolan

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Tim Doyle Scholarship recipient Erik Dolan, who recently attended the Elected Officials Academy Core Weekender Training program, said he appreciated both the financial support and the chance to network with other local leaders.

Erik Dolan

“The opportunity and resources were fabulous,” said Dolan, the Village of Oxford Council president pro tem. “I learned that if you’re looking for specific resources, the MML is the place to go.”

The Weekender helps provide access to the most critical information for newly elected officials.

A big takeaway, Dolan said, was the amount of resources his village could tap through the MML. For example, they’ll be taking advantage of the League’s Executive Search Service to replace an outgoing manager.

“The staff is responsive, energetic and forward thinking,” Dolan said. “I appreciate the chance to take advantage of all of the services the League provides to members.”

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