The Michigan Municipal League Foundation will help create and maintain vibrant communities in Michigan by funding placemaking projects and through education to community leaders and advocates. We recognize that communities are economic drivers, so the Foundation plays a key role in connecting communities to opportunities to help them grow and thrive.

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The Right Side of the Tracks
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During our Capital Conference donation drive we promised help to a placemaking project for the community that donated the most. The City of Durand, a quaint town of less than 3,500 people in mid-Michigan, stepped up to the challenge and donated $1,720 of our $7,625 total. This week I was excited to visit Durand and talk about the great work … Read More

Watch Muskegon
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I admittedly find myself drawn to communities that are evolving (although in fairness that’s all communities.) Last week I spent two days in Muskegon, and I’m convinced this is the next place we’ll all be talking about. It’ll be the next Grand Rapids or with its water the next Traverse City. We’ll all be talking about how amazing Muskegon is, … Read More

Take the Challenge (and join us in Lansing)!
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The Michigan Green Communities Network (MGC) connects community leaders through training, education and communications. Communities who are investing in sustainability initiatives are seen as more attractive, and those investments pay off in terms of property values and other positive economic indicators. For example, the Land Policy Institute at Michigan State University found 70 percent of green infrastructure assets had a … Read More

Join the Conversation
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Civic engagement is the new black. All kidding aside engaging communities – both at the local government level also with community leaders, members and partners – is one of the most critical and challenging feats affecting placemaking. If we want to create vibrant communities, we need to do it in a durable way. The communities that are popular today and … Read More

How Can We Keep College Graduates in Michigan?
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It’s a continual struggle: Michigan has world class educational institutions, yet nearly half of our college graduates leave Michigan for other states according to Michigan Future. Millennials are our most mobile population, and they want to live in cool places. They are picking the place they want to live before finding a job. Investing in great places is critical to talent … Read More

Capital Conference is Nearly Upon Us!
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The League’s 2016 Capital Conference is tomorrow and Wednesday in Lansing. I’m looking forward to a packed agenda filled with important information for communities focusing on finance, infrastructure, and community development basics upon which we build vibrant communities. As part of this event the Foundation is sponsoring the main luncheon on Wednesday that will present awards to those who have completed … Read More