The Michigan Municipal League Foundation will help create and maintain vibrant communities in Michigan by funding placemaking projects and through education to community leaders and advocates. We recognize that communities are economic drivers, so the Foundation plays a key role in connecting communities to opportunities to help them grow and thrive.

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The New Suburbs
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In the middle of the 20th century you knew you’d made it if you left the city, bought a house in the suburbs and a car to drive into the city every day for work. That suburbanization brought about the decline of many cities that lingers today. The challenge in the 21st century, however, is that cities are making a … Read More

The Epitome of the Economics of Place
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Placemaking, the art of building great communities, has a real economic impact. We believe this so strongly that we have an entire website dedicated to highlighting the economics of place. Attracting businesses and the talented employees they need, residents and visitors requires dynamic places. In the 21st century businesses are choosing where to locate because of place. There is a … Read More

Market Mania
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Farmers markets are all the rage and with good reason. People want to buy and consume local products. Farmers markets are quaint, fun and a great way to buy local and be in touch with your community. It’s not uncommon for communities to have multiple markets. For example here in Lansing we have the Lansing City Market downtown, markets in … Read More

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We talk a lot about the importance of placemaking here at the League, and that begs the question of how we get there. How do we create great places? That’s no one right answer, and placemaking doesn’t have to consist of huge, multimillion dollar projects. Smaller projects – public art, striping bike lanes, planters – can make a huge difference … Read More

A Parktastic Day in Grandville
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This week I went west to visit a Michigan community I’d never seen: Grandville. My foundation board chair is the former mayor of that community, and we merged a conversation about our next board meeting with a tour of the city. Grandville is a town of about 15,000 people just outside of Grand Rapids. I got the grand tour from … Read More

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Michigan is home to hundreds of communities, and hopefully during my career I’ll get to visit many of them. It’s so fun to go to a community I’ve never visited and explore what’s happening. Despite the fact that many communities have struggled with lower incoming revenues in the last decade, great places are still being built. Michigan communities are fighters, … Read More